1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Coral Unpainted SMA CR004

Size: A
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Designed for miniature aquarium. 

The large two fit for our 125+ gallon tank, the smaller two fit for small tank

NOTE: Scale is something that is always hard to say. Just like in real life some items are bigger some are smaller, that’s why we always encourage customers to read the dimension on description, that’s the safest way to check the scale!!! All scale in our title is suggestion, not

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the description to make sure the scale, we are NOT responsible to the misunderstanding of the scale!! We are NOT responsible to customers who do NOT read description.


The largest one A:  1 3/5" tall/ 1 2/5" in width

The second larggest B:  1 2/5" tall/ 1 1/5" in width

The second smallest C:  1 1/5" tall/ 1 1/10" in width

The smallest D: 1" tall. 9/10" in width

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