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Note: This is a kit, not finish item.

Scale: 1/24

There are no luxurious decorations or bright colors in Sam’s house but it has its own story. The unique story was written on a shelf in the corner, on pages of books, on a lampshade. Different people may get different answers. Even sometimes you may find the answer is high up so you need to take a ladder to get there. Sometimes, the answer is like a naughty child, and you can only perceive it with your heart.

Sam's library has a classic style. It is full of slightly crowded but neat books on bookshelves, cabinets and even on the the floor. The photos on the wall, the decorated green plants on the table, the comfortable sofa, which show that Sam loves reading and enjoys life. All of these make up a warm house with bookish atmosphere.


  • Age:14+

    Material:Wood, Paper-cuts, LED light, etc.

    Assembly Time: 16h

    Assembled Size: 185*225*190mm

    Pieces: 221

    About this item

    Sam’s Study is inspired by all those whimsical library or book stores you see in movies. Immensely detailed and impressively designed, you will get a gorgeous library with fascinating accessories that you may also use as an exquisite decoration.

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